About Us

In November 1997 some enthusiastics founded a pre-press studio named Visual Promotion, with the idea of developing a complete service for printing preparation.

Soon things were about to change quickly: in January 2000, we discovered the digital offset printing and the new printing possibilities and we had the courage to be the first in Romania to do this kind of activity, considering that it represents a new and unique business opportunity and that we are ready to support it, taking into account the accumulated experience and our professional goals.

We had the courage and we invested constantly in technology and thus, in October 2003 we extended our services portfolio by adding the classic offset printing and once again an idea against the trend, that of buying an atypical tool for our market: a 50/70 cm offset which allows the polychromic double-sided printing in one single step. In 2009 we bought an offset 70/100 cm, full color front and back, an ideal machine behaves when printing on cardboard.

Once we've done this investment, we moved in our house, in a headquarters of 1000 square meters in the center of Bucharest. Used to quick changes, in August 2006 we reconceived the whole business and as a result of a 5 mil EUR investment, we extended on the packaging market and at the same time we opened a special location for this activity on a surface of 3000 square meters.
Now, Visual disposes of the most performing typographical machinery on the market and of an internal customized informatic system which optimizes the work stages, insuring a constant control of the production.